What is Flat-Head Syndrome and How Can a Pillow Help?


You may have heard of flat-head syndrome (FHS) if you’re a parent. FHS is a condition that can occur when an infant’s head develops an unnatural shape due to lying in one position for too long. While it’s usually nothing to worry about and will correct itself over time, some parents choose to use a pillow for the flat-head syndrome to help their child’s head develop more evenly.

Understanding Plagiocephaly and Flat-Head Syndrome

The terms plagiocephaly and brachycephaly are often used interchangeably with the flat-head syndrome, but there is a difference. Plagiocephaly refers to an asymmetrical head shape, while brachycephaly describes a more broad and symmetrical flattening. Plagiocephaly can occur on the back or side of the head, while brachycephaly is more likely to affect the entire back of the head.

Most babies are born with some degree of asymmetry, but it’s usually not noticeable. It’s pretty common for one side of an infant’s head to be slightly flatter. This usually evens out over the first few months as babies spend more time on their tummies and learn to roll over.

Treatment Options for Flat-Head Syndrome

Talk to your pediatrician if you’re concerned about your child’s head shape. In most cases, no treatment is necessary, and the problem will correct itself as your baby grows. If your baby has severe flat-head syndrome or plagiocephaly, your doctor may recommend physical therapy to help stretch and strengthen the muscles on the affected side of the head. Your child may need to wear a specially molded helmet to correct the problem in very rare cases.

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However, many parents choose to use a pillow for flat-head syndrome as a preventative measure or help with milder cases. There are many different pillows available, but they all work to provide support and keep your baby’s head in a more natural position.

Pillows for Flat-Head Syndrome

If you’re looking for options, brands like Lil Cuddlers offer creative comfort pillows designed to support your baby’s head and neck while they sleep. These pillows can be used from birth until your child is old enough to sit up unassisted. They have a heart-shaped design with a hole in the middle to maintain head shape and prevent.

Benefits of Pillows For Flat-Head Syndrome

Pillows for flat-head syndrome offer many benefits. They may help prevent the condition from developing in the first place, or they can help improve the head shape if your baby already has a mild flat-head syndrome.

Using a pillow for flat-head syndrome can help your baby’s head develop more evenly. If you’re concerned about your child’s head shape, talk to your pediatrician. In most cases, no treatment is necessary, but a pillow may help improve the head shape in milder cases.

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