5 Gym Exercises You Can Easily Try At Home!

Maintaining physical agility is highly important to keep your body functioning. Exercising is the perfect way to keep your body active and working. While going to the gym nearby is not feasible for everyone, there are ways in which you can do some gym workouts at your home. Yes, it is not always necessary to hit the gym nearby to get into shape and keep your body active. If you have the right amount of dedication and persistence, you can make your home the workout space. Also, in the current pandemic scenario, it is vital to maintain social distancing as much as possible. However, gyms are following all the COVID-19 guidelines to keep the gym working. So, if you are planning to ditch your gym nearby and stay home, here are a few exercises that you can easily try:

#1 Lunges

To do this exercise, all you need is a yoga mat. Lunges are meant to stress the lower body and strengthen it further. This exercise is a part of a full-body workout that your gym instructor will also guide you through. Lunges help in toning your body and improving balance. Your back muscles, abdominals, quadriceps, and hamstrings muscles are worked during the lunges. Make sure not to overdo to prevent fatigue and pain.

#2 Plank

If you are looking to strengthen your core muscles, then there is nothing better than doing planks. It not only boosts your core but also supports your spinal column and back. Doing planks for 30 seconds thrice a day would be sufficient for a beginner. You can gradually increase the time and make it even more useful. 

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#3 Burpees

You would have seen people doing a push-up and jumping with hands up in any gym nearby, that’s burpees. It is highly beneficial for a full-body workout, and you do not need any equipment to do this exercise. Doing burpees every day is more effective than jogging or any strength training exercise. There are different varieties of burpees that you can try at home. Make sure you have enough space. 

#4 Sit-ups

Another core strengthening and muscle tightening exercise are sit-ups. It helps in strengthening your diaphragm, stabilizing abdominal muscles, and improving posture. If you are looking to lose some extra fat from your body, sit-ups are the perfect exercise to start with. Take your yoga mat and choose any corner of your home to start sit-ups. 

#5 Push-ups

The ultimate gym workout that everyone knows about is push-ups. You don’t need to visit the gym nearby if you want to do push-ups. All you need is a little space in your room to stretch out. Push-ups are mainly done for the chest, muscles, shoulders, and triceps strength. It helps in strengthening and increasing the endurance of your muscles. 

The Bottom Line

There are no hard and fast rules that a workout can only do at a gym nearby. If you have the dedication and willpower to work on your body, your home can turn into a workout space. 

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