Common Household Items that May Negatively Impact Your Health

common household items

As Americans, we acquire so many products to maintain our busy lifestyles that it can be easy to overlook the dangerous chemicals that exist in household items. A product may be perfectly safe for certain uses and potentially deadly in other ways. It’s important to know what common household items contain dangerous chemicals or material to protect yourself and your family. Here are a few of the most common.

Antifreeze – Antifreeze is a common item in most garages, but it contains ethylene glycol and methanol, which are both toxic chemicals if ingested. Luckily it’s only harmful if you actually swallow the solution – but this poses a danger to children who do not know what it is.

Non-Stick Cook Wear – Non-stick cook wear can save you the hassle of having to scrub your pans every time you make a dish. But some non-stick cook wear products contain a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid that can cause serious illnesses like kidney and liver disease. All nonstick cook wear manufactured today is made without this dangerous substance. But it was only banned in 2013. So, it may be time to go shopping for new cookware if you have a set that is more than 7 years old

Oven Cleaner – Cleaning your oven often takes serious elbow grease and powerful chemicals. But those chemicals are not always safe. Oven cleaner is known to contain things sodium hydroxide and butoxydiglycol that can pose serious health risks if ingested or inhaled deeply. If you use the proper amounts and take the proper precautions to keep it out of the grasp of children, you have nothing to worry about. But it’s important to be aware that it can be dangerous.

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Air Fresheners – Nearly all cleaning household items contain some chemicals that can potentially cause illness (that’s what kills the germs). Most people take proper precautions when it comes to things like bleach and ammonia, but it’s also important to know that something as innocuous as an air freshener can be potentially harmful. Many air fresheners contain what are called phthalates, which are known to cause hormonal problems, birth defects, and reproductive issues. You can buy air fresheners without phthalates if you want to be on the safe side or use more natural methods to air out your home, like opening a window.

Asbestos Insulation – Asbestos is a deadly mineral that was a common material in construction in the early 20th Century. Although asbestos production has slowed down over the past few decades, materials containing asbestos can be found in many older homes. It’s most common in insulation, but can also be found in vinyl tiles, roofing material, ceilings, and mixed in with other products to help insulate against heat. It is known to cause mesothelioma – a rare form of lung cancer. Visit Asbestos.Net for resources on asbestos treatment and other related topics if you are worried that your home may contain asbestos.

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