Top Swimming Pool Upgrade Ideas

swimming pool ideas

You have probably had your pool for quite some time and would now like to give it a new look, or maybe after a walk around it, you noticed that it is in dire need of an upgrade. Whatever the reason for upgrading it, be it design or merely a facelift, you need ideas on how to do it well and make it stand out. In this article, we share some of the top swimming pool upgrade ideas that we think are amazing.

Work on the lighting

You probably have some lighting already around your pool. However, what we are recommending are not ordinary lights. LED lighting has recently come to the fore and has been widely adopted by pool designers. You get to choose from a variety of colours that create a perfect mood for different scenarios. With LED, you have unlimited options. Some designs allow you to install these lights inside the pool, giving it a spectacular look.

Change the pool’s finishing

You have changed the lighting next thing you ought to work on is the pool. Many options are available for your pool’s surface. Tiles and decorative stones are good examples of finishes that are readily available and look cool.

Go for a colour that matches the environment where the pool is put up. Whether you are remodelling the surface for aesthetic reasons or to fix broken surfaces, make sure you use quality material because a pool is something you want to use for many years. Your pool builder will give you the best advice in regards to the best content to use.

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Replace chlorine with saltwater

Chlorine has been used for decades. However, for some pool users, they do not always get a pleasant experience thanks to the skin irritation caused by chlorine. Those who use saltwater on the other hand do not complain of such issues. It will be a great idea if you tried out this option, more so, if chlorine affects your skin.

Improve the systems and equipment in use in your pool

Equipment that was installed possibly a decade or more ago tends to consume more energy, unlike those put up slightly later. As technology improves, so does ways of using power efficiently and producing even better results. As the cost of electricity shoots up, the last thing you want is to keep getting huge bills while you could get a system that helps you save lots of money. While the initial cost might be slightly higher than ordinary pool equipment, you will eventually end up saving more.

You can alternatively use solar-powered lighting and heating systems for your pool.


There are a lot more swimming pool upgrade ideas available for you. We hope you picked out something from our list that you can use to give your pool a fresh new look. Remember, you do not have to break the bank to get something outstanding. Some upgrades require your creativity and use of locally available material. We hope you give your pool a fresh look this new year!

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