What risks could your fitness routine pose to your teeth?

fitness routine pose

Maintaining your body’s general health can be a challenge. You want to keep up a regular exercise routine so that you can maintain a healthy weight and feel good about the way you look. However, did you realize that undertaking too much exercise can have some serious effects on your oral health? Although you should always do your best to keep your teeth and gums healthy, you should be taking exercise in moderation. Here are the risks that your fitness regime could be posing on the health of your teeth.
Open Mouth Breathing

Naturally, when you undertake heavy exercise, your body is going to try and inhale more oxygen in order to maintain its energy. However, during intense exercise, athletes tend to inhale more through an open mouth. This means that there is a risk that your mouth could become dried out. Saliva is incredibly important when it comes to protecting your oral health. Without it, you may find that oral infections can appear. Heavy, rapid breathing can dry out the mouth and teeth. This is why you may find that there is a higher risk of dental issues among athletes.

Sports Drinks

Whilst most athletes choose to drink water to rehydrate themselves, others may refuel themselves with energy or sports drinks. No matter how many dental procedures you may undertake, such as Teeth Bonding From Ten Dental, the sugar of these drinks can take their toll on your teeth. They may cover the enamel with sugar and thus make them more prone to cracks, breaks, and discoloring. To protect your teeth, make sure to stick with water to avoid any damaging sugars or acids. This should protect them throughout your workout and still allow you to rehydrate.


If you are training hard for a sports activity, are a professional athlete or perhaps are exercising for hours on end, you may, unfortunately, become the victim of regurgitation, aka. being sick. Whilst this isn’t a very common occurrence, sometimes if you exercise too hard, your blood flow may move away from the stomach and cause nausea. You may also overhydrate when you work out, meaning that there is a higher chance of being sick. The acid produced from being sick could damage your teeth, especially if this happens often and you are pushing yourself too hard. Make sure to exercise in moderation so you can maintain your smile. 

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Teeth Gritting

teeth getting

Not all of us partake in running or swimming sports. There are others who enjoy the thrill of heavy-weight lifting or quite intense fitness regimes. Now, as you push yourself to reach your fitness goal, you may not notice it but you may also inadvertently start gritting your teeth. Now, this does not happen to everyone, as some may have their mouths open to breathe. But if you grit your teeth too hard, you may eventually find that a small fragment of enamel can chip away. Keep your teeth safe by trying to take small breaths of air. If you take part in an intense activity, like boxing, wrestling or rugby, you may also want to consider a mouthguard.

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