Contact lenses versus eyeglasses: Which to choose between the two?

A lot of confusion exists regarding the use of contact lenses and eyeglasses as to what is right for them– contact lenses or spectacles. It is not like there is one perfect option, which is the best. The choice varies from person to person. It is just that the selection of one solely depends on many factors. The comfort of one is one of the prime factors that decide upon what is best for him/her.

One uses both contact lenses and eyeglasses for the correction of vision. But which to choose between the two is a question of personal preference. Before making a decision, you should consider factors like your comfort, lifestyle, convenience, budget, age, aesthetics, etc. Among the two, one is not necessarily better than the other. Both contact lenses and eyeglasses have their own advantages and disadvantages while concerning vision, eye health, and ease of use. The choice depends on which of these advantages you wish to have and which of those disadvantages you discern. In the following excerpt, the different factors that mark the difference between spectacles and contact lenses as follows.

  1. How far is it from the cornea?

One can wear spectacles over the eyes while one can wear contact lenses directly o the eye. The distance between the eye and glasses is about 12 mm. For wearing and removing contact lenses, one has to touch the eye. Hence, there is a high risk of eye infection with the use of contact lenses. Whereas, the risk factor is lesser with the use of eyeglasses.

  1. Is there any difference in the vision?

You can place lenses directly on the eye. Hence, they conform to the curvature of the eye, thereby facilitating an enhanced field of view. It promotes fewer vision distortions and accurate, natural vision. It is not the case with eyeglasses. Since the lenses of glasses are a small distance away from the eyeball level, the sight may be a bit distorted.

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Contact lenses are flexible, and they move along with your eyeball, peripheral vision is as smooth as it is in the absence of lenses. Whereas, with the use of spectacles, to have the side vision, one must turn their head to see what is beside.

  1. Which is easier to use?

It slightly depends on perception and individual interests. Some people find it challenging to use spectacles owing to the weight and obstruction on their faces. Also, one needs to adjust the frame of glasses at times frequently. When involved in rigorous physical activity, you sweat, and there are chances of slipping down of eyeglasses.

These problems never arise when you are using contact lenses. One need not provide constant attention to these while worn. You need not worry about your contact lenses falling off and possible breakage. Also, contact lenses won’t come out of its position unless and until you rub them vigorously. Thus, active people, like athletes and dancers, can use it. For these people, who lead an active lifestyle, the contact lens is the best option.

Contact lenses will not interfere with what you are wearing. It won’t pose a problem while you are wearing helmets, caps, and goggles. Another advantage of contact lenses is that weather conditions won’t affect them much. On the other hand, it is very uncomfortable to wear eyeglasses during cold weather and rains as they fog up under these circumstances and appear cloudy.

Many people find it challenging to contact lens to the eye. Also, lesser oxygen reaches your eye when using contact lenses. It can cause dry eye syndrome or increase its severity.

  1. Which is easier to maintain?

Spectacles easy to clean and maintain. Contact lenses need special attention while maintaining and have to be cleaned at regular intervals.

  1. Which one is prone to infections and complications?

Lenses are more prone to infections and other complications as they rest directly on the eyeball. Wearing contact lenses for a long time at a single stretch can cause itching of eyes. Even if tiny dust particles enter the eyes, it cannot be delightful. Use of spectacles out wins lenses in this aspect as any form of irritation can be followed by easy removal of glasses. But regular long term usage of spectacles can leave bags and dark circles under the eye.

  1. Which works well while working with computers?

Staring at the computer screen for a long time can leave the eyes dry and irritated irrespective of whether you are wearing glasses or contact lenses. But, wearing glasses with anti-glare property or fitted with a blue light filter is recommendable.

  1. Which is more aesthetically pleasing?

The use of contact lenses won’t bring about variations in how one looks. Hence, it is often preferred. Even it can complement your beauty by suitably choosing lenses with eye color. You can experiment with contact lenses of different colors.

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On the contrary, eyeglasses look a bit unnatural. But here too, there is a scope of fashion as an apt selection of glasses can often look fashionable. People often see spectacles as one of their fashion statement.

  1. Some other features to look upon

While you are asleep, some contact lenses can help reshape your cornea. It can aid in correcting myopia temporarily which means that you can see well the next day without the help of any contacts or glasses

The conclusion is that there is no one perfect choice between the two. Nor there exist no proven facts to establish that one is the best choice for everyone, always. There’s no question of which is best universally. Instead, the selection varies from person to person. It strictly depends on personal interests and comforts. Among the factors listed above, one has to weigh out each factor in the light of their pleasures. Based on the observations, one can conclude rightly on what is right for him/her. Hence, this process of matching between one’s requirement and the corresponding option can help end up in one choice, which is just what is perfect for him.

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