Fitness Benefits for the Elderly

fitness for elderly

We are well aware of how exercising improves our lives. Despite that knowledge, most people believe that they should lean back and take it easy after we reach a certain age. But this is only a myth because the beneficial effects of exercising know no age limit.  There is a large number of reasons why we tend to slow down as we enter the golden years. Here we get some fun exercising help for weight loss and get a healthy life.

Health problems, lack of stamina, and fear of falling are some to name. But, ironically, staying active reduces the danger of the mentioned issues. Here are some of the reasons why senior citizens should develop an exercising routine.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Exercising releases endorphins. This is the “feel good” hormone. The more endorphins roam through our bodies, the more satisfied we are. Honest smiles are the best medicine.

Exercising on a regular basis creates a healthy sleep pattern. Whether a preschool kid or senior citizen, quality sleep is essential for good health. Those who exercise fall asleep more easily, sleep deeper and have more energy upon waking up.

Everyone knows that mental challenges such as Sudoku or crossword puzzles do wonders for the brain. But not everyone is aware that exercising has a similar effect. Working out improves cognitive abilities and slows the developing of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

Prevents Diseases

Prevents Diseases

Lots of research has pointed out that regular physical activity presents common diseases. Exercising keeps your immune system sharp, which becomes more important as you age.

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Seniors don’t have to hit the gym for two hours if they want to minimize the spreading of treatable diseases. Light activities, such as walking, will do the trick.

Next to making for a reliable immune system, regular exercising improves blood pressure, bone density, and lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s and other conditions.

Social Activity

Social Activity

Our approach to exercising depends on our mood. Sometimes you want to be left alone with your thoughts and take a jog with earphones as your only company. Sometimes you’re in a social mood and want to spend some quality time sweating with friends.

Making and maintaining social ties can be challenging in advanced years. But having someone is as vital for our health as exercising itself. Walking groups and fitness classes will not only make senior care homes a brighter place but will make the golden years brighter as well.

Exercising Decreases the Risk of Falling

Exercising Decreases the Risk of Falling

The average young man/woman seldom worries about falling. But to the senior citizen, this is a legitimate threat. So threatening, in fact, that older adults decrease their physical activities because of their fear to fall.

However, the elderly that exercise are less likely to fall. Regular physical activities strengthen the muscles, enhance bone density, and improve balance.

Never Too Old for Fitness

Exercising improves the life quality of all age groups. It is the best DIY medicine we can treat our bodies with, and an excellent way to spend time with our beloved ones. Exercising becomes more critical for our wellbeing as we’re getting older.

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Maintaining a healthy fitness habit is the key ingredient in making the golden years truly golden. Physical activities strengthen the immune system. The older we get, the more we rely on it to fight off possible conditions such as heart diseases and diabetes.

Working out the body benefits the brain. Exercising releases endorphins and improves sleep quality. Physical activities stimulate the brain, which decreases the chances of cognitive disorders.

As exercising strengthens the whole body, the chances of falling become slim. Fitness groups and classes are a good way to establish and maintain social connections.

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