5 methods of managing natural anxiety when you’re on a diet

managing natural anxiety

Anxiety is the feeling of being worried, tense or afraid, particularly about things that are going to happen, or that could happen in the future. It’s a natural human response to a feeling of being under threat. Many people feel anxious, particularly when we’re coping with stressful events or big changes in our lives. However, anxiety becomes a mental health problem when it starts to impede upon our ability to live our lives to the fullest. In Britain, anxiety and depression is the most common mental health disorder, with 7.8% of people meeting the criteria for diagnosis.

No matter whether you’re a long-term sufferer of anxiety or you feel anxious in the short-term, anxiety must be managed. This can be difficult if you’re particularly health conscious, wary about taking pharmaceutical medications and the impact of their side effects. Worry not, as we’ve come up with five methods for managing natural anxiety, even if you’re on a diet. Take a look!

Cut out caffeine

We’re sorry to tell you this, but if you’re a sufferer of chronic anxiety, caffeine is not your friend. Caffeine may perk you up in low times, but it’s also renowned for causing nervousness and jitters, neither of which help to manage anxiety. Research has shown that caffeine actively worsens anxiety disorders and can even cause panic attacks if you’re prone to them.

Stay active

Regular exercise is a win-win in this scenario, as it undoubtedly improves both your physical and emotional health. For some anxiety sufferers, regular exercise shows the same benefits as medication when it comes to easing anxiety. Running and swimming are particularly therapeutic and provide anxiety relief for hours.

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Ditch the drink

When you’re in throws of anxiety, you may feel that you want to numb yourself from it. Alcohol is a natural sedative, meaning that some people frequently turn to a glass of wine or whiskey in an attempt to calm themselves. This is a mistake, however, as once your alcohol buzz is over, the anxiety will return with a vengeance. Be wary of using alcohol to relieve anxiety; in doing so, you are ignoring the root of the problem and risking alcohol dependence.


Don’t underestimate the benefits of meditation, which is designed to replace your chaotic thoughts with a sense of calm and mindfulness. Anxiety often occurs when thinking about the past or future, and meditation helps you to exist within the present moment. Deep breathing exercises can also help to reduce anxiety.

CBD oil

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a type of cannabinoid, which is a chemical found naturally in cannabis (marijuana and hemp) plants. CBD oil is fast becoming a popular natural remedy for a variety of ailments. CBD is proven to lessen anxiety, cognitive impairment and general discomfort, and is even used to treat insomnia and post-traumatic stress disorder.It is readily available from leading brands like VSAVI, who offer it in pure oil and in e-liquid form.

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