Why You Broke The Keto Promise

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The keto diet is one of those extraordinary plans that promise to achieve amazing results rapidly. Indeed, countless celebrities have successfully tried the low-carb and high-fat diet that sends your body into a ketosis state. Halle Berry has always been enthusiastic about the diet plan, and her athletic frame loves the meaty and healthy fat to fuel its energy. Megan Fox also used the keto diet to get her pre-baby body back and has wholly cleaned her intake of carbs.

However, for newcomers to the hype weight loss plan, the keto diet can be tricky to stick to. There are 4 reasons why people find themselves breaking away from keto.

You are looking for a miracle solution

The first and most important piece of advice you need to remember about going keto is that the web is full of hacks and tips that can help you to increase positive results. Some might come in the shape of easy to follow recipes that tick all the nutritional keto boxes while others can be supplements such as the shark tank keto pill. Ultimately, you need to be realistic. While you can find ways of speeding up the results, you need to be prepared to put the work into it too. First of all, you shouldn’t buy anything without doing your research first – countless fat burning pills contain harmful chemicals, for instance! Secondly, you can’t pop a pill and hope for the best while you continue to indulge. You need to give your body the best chance of self-improvement.

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It’s a matter of discipline too

Following the keto diet can be tough. Switching from a carb-rich diet to a low-carb and high protein diet can be confusing for your body. It’s not uncommon to experience what is called the keto flu during the first days, which is the period during which your body adjust to your new eating plan. You are unlikely to lose weight during the first week, but it’s important to stick to it as your body can need up to 10 days to enter ketosis.

You are obsessed with the scale

Have I lost weight already? Why am I not lighter?

If you’ve moved the scale into your bedroom to be able to weigh yourself first thing in the morning and before going to bed at night, you are probably getting a little too focused on the numbers. The truth is that scale-focused results can be counter-intuitive. Indeed, a lot of changes are happening in your body, such as its composition and functions, which can’t be measured in terms of weight. However, these changes play a major role in developing a healthy lifestyle. Besides, slimmer doesn’t always mean lighter – muscles are heavier than fat.

It’s not sustainable in the long term

Unless you have a medical condition that can be improved by the keto diet, such as epilepsy, most experts warn against the long-term consequences of the keto plan. Indeed, it can increase the risk of irregular heartbeat and vitamin deficiencies.

Is it good or bad to quit the keto diet? If you’re looking to kickstart your fitness journey, keto can help to burn through stubborn pounds. However, in the long term, it can be a dangerous option to carry on without medical supervision. Ultimately, you shouldn’t beat yourself up for quitting the diet; not everyone can be a keto fan!

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