Textile Motorcycle Jackets

Textile Motorcycle Jackets

In the past, the classic look for motorcycle riders was black leather. Today, however, there are many more options. Textile motorcycle jackets can provide top-end protection with plenty of pockets and other features. They also offer better airflow and cooling functionality compared to their leather counterparts.

Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Motorcycle Jacket

If you’re shopping for motorcycle riding gear, this jacket should definitely be on your list. It features C.E. armor for the shoulders and elbow as well as an optional spine pad and armor for extra protection. The jacket also has an optional waterproof liner for cooler temperatures and wet weather. The poly/mesh construction makes it easy to let airflow in when you need it.

Tour Master Transition Series 5 Motorcycle Jacket

Textile jackets have long been popular in the touring community. They work well for longer rides. This touring jacket offers flexibility to handle different temperatures and weathers. With waterproof materials, cooling vents and a removable liner, you can easily adjust this Tour Master jacket to fit whatever needs you have while riding.

Fly Women’s Georgia II Motorcycle Jacket

This is a great option is your searching for street womens riding gear and accessories. It is made from waterproof and durable materials. The jacket features removable C.E. armor on the shoulder and elbows as well as a comfort pad in the back. The shoulder intake vents can keep you cool on hot days while the quilted liner and handwarmer pockets can keep you comfortable on cold days.

Speed and Strength Hammer Down Jacket

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If you are like a lot of street riders, you want a jacket that is casual and will fit naturally into a lot of situations. This jacket is black perfectly fits those requirements. It has all the C.E. armor you could want from a jacket plus other useful features such as zippered ventilation. However, it looks a lot like a normal jacket that you would wear to a social gathering. That is one of the benefits of textile jackets.

Fly Racing Flux Air Mesh Ink’ N Needle Jacket

Of course, not everyone wants a subtle motorcycle jacket. Many people are looking for an eye-catching one. Again, textile motorcycle jackets could be the answer. This jacket from Fly Racing provides the C.E. armor and abrasion-resistance you need from a riding jacket along with a very attention-grabbing design. You’ll have a hard time finding something that stands out like this in leather.

Get Geared Up

Your jacket is important to safe and fun motorcycle riding. Even on hot days, it is smart to wear a jacket because you never know when you could be in an accident. On a bike, there is nothing else keeping you safe from the road. You want to know that you will be able to walk away from a potential crash, but you also want to be comfortable.

These textile jackets offer flexibility, design and comfort. Although leather is often considered the go-to material for motorcycle riders, textiles offer just as much form and function. Set yourself up for some fun and rewarding rides by getting the right gear for the job. Check out some textile motorcycle jackets today.

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