All you need to know about S23

All you need to know about S23

S23 is a non-steroidal SARM used for muscle growth and fat reduction. Various researchers have found the relation between SRM, masculine growth and fat loss.

SARM 23 does not have an androgenic effect. S23 has a positive effect on muscular growth and bones.

GTX took interest on S23, as it was said to have sperm suppressing quality, which would have turned it into a male contraceptive drug. GTX as a Pharma Company deals mainly with hormonal drugs.

How S23 SARM Works

SARM23, by selectively reacting with muscle and bone tissue produces anabolic reactions on muscle and bone without side effects like steroids.


  1. S23 increases Body Mass

It helps to build body mass and retention of muscles after the cycle. This retention will help builders during competitions.

  1. Increases Fitness

By using S23, the user gets strength, stamina, and speed. Owing to this, the user can work out for a more extended period and get a lean body. Due to the strength he gets, he can do high-intensity exercises, over a longer period. The drawback of this drug is the tension developing in the user, because of the workout.

  1. Gets Fat Loss

It helps in Fat loss and fat oxidization. It has been found that when the dosage of S23 was increased, it speeds up the process of fat-burning which reduced the body fat considerably.

  1. Helps to maintain the water level of the body

The body could maintain water level even after exercising for 2-3 hours. During the cutting phase, it will be beneficial to use this drug.

  1. Hard Muscle look

Taking S23 during the cutting process will be beneficial. As the muscle tightens, giving a ‘hunky’ look, builders use this drug before a competition.

SIDE Effects of using S23

No drug is without side effects. S23 has its own drawbacks. S23 is more or less similar to a steroid. Using S23, reduces the testosterone level and to avoid very low level, a Testosterone Replacement Therapy can be done, till the testosterone level is stabilized.

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Good news is that the side effect does not last long and will return to the earlier levels, once the cycle is complete.

Getting Aggressive

People with a history of aggression must be very careful while using this drug. It may not be the best option to use this drug for such people.

Shrinkage of Testicles

Testicles were found to shrink when using the drug. This happens only because of the reduction of testosterone levels during S23 usage. The normal size was restored once the dosage was stopped.

Urine Colour

Usually, the color of your urine darkens during the dosage and becomes normal when the dosage was terminated.

Quantity to be Used

The recommended dosage will be between 0.5-50 mg. The range is slightly wider, but it depends on the purpose for which you are going to use the drug. For bodybuilders, the effective dosage will be between 20-30 mg.

S23 drug is a very strong drug, and thus, any additional dosage will not be necessary. Additional dosage must be avoided because of the strength of S23, which taken unnecessarily will create more problem than a solution.

The strength of the drug is for 12 hours, and thus, the prescribed quantity should be taken with 12 hrs gaps, once in the morning and another in the evening.

Post Cycle Therapy

While taking SARMs, post cycle therapy is crucial. The hormonal balance must be maintained whenever you use SARM. It is very important for S23.

When you are using S23, your Endocrine glands will be under stress. If proper PCT is not done the system might break down. After the PCT, the endocrine glands will be restored to normal functioning mode.

PCT is a must to preserve muscle strength, reduce fat accumulation and to stabilize your mind.

PCT period will be the same as the drug intake period. If SARM was supplemented for 12 weeks, then the time frame for PCT will be 12 weeks to correct the hormone imbalance.

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SARMs may not cause a significant hormonal imbalance but as S23 is like a steroid and very powerful, a full PCT is necessary. Side effects of S23 are only temporary but to be on the safer side, you must proper precaution.

Comparing S23 with Other Steroids

S23 is very powerful and there are not many steroids to compare. At present, it is the best available drug for bodybuilders. This gives them power, strength and a beautiful physique.

You can get a perfect physique and can win any events if all the instructions and precautions are followed when you use S23. By following a good schedule, the side effects can be reduced in such a way it does not have a permanent effect on your body. It is a steroid, and it must not be misused to leave a permanent scar on your body and mind.

When to use S23?

It is best recommended to use S23 at the end of the cycle, rather than using it all through your cycle.

S23 has the quality of reducing fat, so if you use it for 8 weeks in a 12 weeks cycle, you can get the leaner and meaner body, which will be like a sculpture.


From all the information and data collected, it can be safely said, S23 is the answer to getting a strong and masculine body. SARM packs everything that a bodybuilder needs.

The muscle you have created in your body will stay even after your cycle and it is the best testimony for S23.

There are side effects in using S23, but it will reverse once you stop your exercise schedule.

The main drawback for S23 is, there aren’t many clinical studies which have taken place to corroborate the claims of the users. Research is still being done for receiving reliable evidence.

Many bodybuilders are giving testimony for their power and use.

The critical drawback is the effect of S23 on testosterone. By using proper supplements, the effect can be rectified.

Therefore, the best solution to get a lean and solid masculine body, for now, is S23.

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