3 “Girls Night Out” Spots You Probably Haven’t Considered

3 "Girls Night Out" Spots You Probably Haven't Considered

Girls night out is a tradition as old as time. It’s a night when girls get to group up, hit the town and have a blast, all without the familiar cloud of testosterone hanging around the evening. But if you have been to enough girls’ nights out, you will start to recognize a tedious pattern emerge – the familiar drinks, the repetitive dinners, the everyday conversations.

If you want to shake up your night with the ladies, you have to start thinking outside the box. Forget that dinner reservation, and forget the swanky bar you had in mind. For a night that everyone will rave about the next morning, be bold and go somewhere unexpected. Try one of the following spots, which you probably haven’t considered for your girls night out.

Axe Throwing

You might think of axe throwing as a typically testosterone-fuelled pastime, but women can throw an axe as good – if not better – then their male counterparts. To prove it, take your friends for a fun night out at an axe throwing facility. Dress up in your finest flannels, don your toughest pair of jeans and channel that inner lumberjackess. Axe throwing facilities like BATL, linked above, can be booked in advance and include a free tutorial on how to throw axes, courtesy of a professional.

It’s not the first thing you think of when you consider hitting the town with girlfriends, but you are pretty much guaranteed to have a blast. Plus, smashing an axe into a wooden target is a surprisingly effective way to relieve some of that workweek stress!

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The Nickel Slots

When you think of a glamorous night on the town, “the casino” isn’t really the first thing that comes to mind. It’s often a glitzy, gaudy place packed with people who look like they haven’t seen sunlight in days. But try to think of it as “kitsch”, and it can become a very fun experience. Head to the nickel slots, in particular. Not only are they cheap to play, but you get to sit side-by-side with your friends and chat while you play.

As with any kind of gambling, be smart. Go in with a reasonable amount that you are going to spend, and don’t go above that. As long as you don’t start chasing lost money with good money, you’ll be fine.

A Turkish Spa

Turkish spas are a-mazing! Not only do they feel fantastic, but they’re also perfect for a group. And, as an added bonus, most Turkish spas are open late, meaning that you can still make it a true girls “night” out. This Yelp list of the best Turkish baths is a great place to start looking for inspiration.

If you want a girls night out that’s all about pampering yourself, this is the way to go. Just get everyone to book an appointment for the same time period, and spend a couple of hours lounging in the spa. You’re worth it.

These might not be the first spots you think of when planning a girls night out, but they rank among the best. Get your friends together to throw some axes, win some nickels and relax at the spa. It sure beats going to yet another bar!

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