How Golf Can Improve Your Core Fitness

How Golf Can Improve Your Core Fitness

You might not first think of golf when considering sports to take up that’ll help improve both your physique and your core fitness, but it’s a sport that demands a great deal from those all-important core muscle groups. If you’re looking to escape the gym and find a fun way to exercise, you should regard golf with a certain amount of excitement and intrigue. This article looks at how golf will help you build your core strength at the same time as providing a pleasant new past-time in your life.


To achieve an impressive technique in your golfing performance, you’ll need to practice — a lot. Next, it’s recommended to consider investing in a golf stand bag to conveniently store all the essential equipment required for your game. But, instead of merely lifting weights and repeating reps at the gym, by practicing your golf swing you’ll be getting fit at the very same time as perfecting a skill. It’s in this sense that the practice side of golf is a fun and constructive way to concentrate on your core muscle groups.

All you’ll need to enjoy this form of exercise are some top-quality golf drivers, available online, and access to a driving range on which to practice your swing. If you’re a total newcomer to the world of golf, it’s advisable for you to take lessons, to begin with so that you don’t do yourself any damage by operating with an ineffective swing. Coupled with some nice new equipment like high quality golf grips, it will surely make your game even better.

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Core Stimulation

If you’ve ever watched a professional golf swing, you’ll be aware of the full-body requirements that combine to shoot the ball several hundred yards up the fairway. It’s far from a simple arm movement: it requires strength in your legs, torso and back in order to swing effectively and cleanly – and of course, this requires strength training to perfect.

There are a number of core strength stretch and exercises associated with the world of golf to help bolster the muscles involved in this movement but, as mentioned above, the best way to enjoy the fitness that golf can bring you is by actually getting out there and practicing on the range. In this way, the unique stimulation of your core muscles (some of which are difficult to exercise in conventional ways) is best achieved through playing golf.

Explosive Exercise

Those fitness enthusiasts that know about the different kinds of muscle mass will be aware that explosive exercise builds a different type of muscle to the kind of continuous exercise that you might encounter while running or swimming. Of course, golf is all about that explosive fitness, so that’s the kind of muscle you can expect to nurture in your participation in golf.

This kind of muscle will stand you in good stead for your other fitness goals as it’s high-mass and easy to build and maintain. It’ll also enable you to perform well at other sports, and it’ll keep your back and torso from experiencing day-to-day strains and injuries, too.

While golf might be seen as a slow and lazy sport, it’s actually one of the finest to build your core strength, as the points laid out above attest. Enjoy working for these muscle groups at the driving range and see your technique improve alongside your physique.

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