Why You Should Include An Elliptical Trainer In Your Exercise Regime?

Why You Should Include An Elliptical Trainer In Your Exercise Regime?

What is Elliptical Trainer?

An elliptical trainer is one of the most important and basic equipment used in the gym. You can find it in the cardio exercising section of any health club or gym. It is also known as the Elliptical cross-trainer or elliptical bike.  It has long handles for better support and experience.

You can get a combo exercise of running, treadmill, stair climber and bike all into one giving you an effective workout session. On an average, you can effectively burn about 8-12 calories in a minute which is an awesome rate as compared to the bike or treadmill.

If you want to tone your upper body, go for the dual action handles elliptical trainer. You can set the intensity levels according to the number of calories you wish to burn. The speed is directly proportional to your intensity.

Benefits of using an Elliptical Trainer

Let’s have a look at some of the top reasons for buying this equipment:

  • Weight Loss – This is undoubtedly one of the best equipments to kick-start your weight loss regime. If you want to shed those extra pounds and get a toned body, go for this. You can get the benefits of walking, running, staircase climbing and biking, all in one.
  • Less Impact on Joints – The range of benefits provided by the cross trainer is much more than weight loss. Elliptical trainer sessions are known to be impact-free as compared to treadmill workout. This equipment can prove to be wonderful for the people who are suffering from joint problems. The intensity of pressure on knee and hip are minimized in these workout sessions.
  • Full Body Workout – If you are looking for a full body workout, then cross trainers can help you with this. Elliptical trainer has a high impact on the entire body, unlike the cardio ones which focus on a single body part. The number of calories burned is also comparatively higher than any other equipment. Thighs, legs, middle and upper body along with awesome core workout can be achieved with cross trainers.
  • No Injuries – An elliptical trainer is one of the safest equipments in the gym. People do sprain their muscles during weight training or get injured during treadmill sessions, but you will rarely hear any injury related to cross trainers. It comes with a very safe designing and easy to use features. The paddles are very comfortable so as to avoid slips and sprains.
  • Can control the intensity – What is an effective workout session? The one which allows you to control the level of intensity of the session! With the elliptical trainer you can choose to do a brisk walk or run; go for a staircase climbing or biking. You can create your own mix of high and low intensity exercises. For some serious toning, you can choose high-intensity settings by adjusting the speed and resistance of the equipment.
  • Stronger Muscles – Cross Trainers have proven results for stronger core muscles which increase the overall strength of the body. So you are looking for exercising options to gain strength, then elliptical trainer can prove to be your best companion. Complete body workout increases the overall body resistance giving a push to achieve better results. Elliptical trainers have also helped people recover from injuries and surgeries. You can effectively place this equipment at your home and enjoy a full body workout session daily.
  • Low Maintenance – The best part of the elliptical trainer is that they require very low maintenance. The motors, belts, bearing, and rollers have a long lasting life and rarely require service. The main reason behind this is the absolute low impact motion feature of this machine.
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The basic fundamentals of elliptical trainer remain intact irrespective of the motive for which you are using it. Be it fitness, strength or recovery, you can be rest assured to get the best results. You can achieve more effective results by varying the intensity of the exercises. You can start with low-intensity workout and can gradually switch to high-intensity ones. The crux of the story is elliptical trainers can help you face higher physical and fitness challenges in future.

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