What factors to Consider When Shopping For a Massage Chair?

What factors to Consider When Shopping For a Massage Chair?

If you are not into the world of massage chairs, you may be wondering:  what benefits does a massage chair provide?

How can it be compared to a regular massage?

As the owner of a  massage, I love to be getting a relaxation In the comfort of my own home!

Top of the line chairs may bring all the sensations of a professional massage straight to your home (at least top brands claim that it can).

The great benefit is that and chairs now come in many different styles, shapes and sizes ensuring that there is a massage chair that is perfect for your needs.

What factors should I consider when choosing a massage chair?

Should I choose a vinyl or leather massage chair?          

Choosing between vinyl and leather fabric is a highly personal choice. However, all of our chairs are designed to be as comfortable as possible.

Vinyl (or PVC leather) chairs, such as one reviewed here, Fujiiryoki EC-3800 massage chair, made to emulate leather as closely as possible and feature slightly improved durability and easy cleaning.

The vigorous massage programs that incorporated into the massage chair to massaging enthusiasts are sometimes can be stressful on the fabric of a massage chair, giving vinyl a small advantage for frequent massage clients.

However, vinyl wholly captured the feel of real leather.

If real leather is something, you crave, stick with a chair such as Luraco I7 Plus.  It features rich genuine leather. Sometimes, many most popular models come standard with vinyl but can be upgraded to leather.

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Does the number of motors in a massage chair matter?

Some motors are one of the most critical factors in choosing a massage chair.

The more motors your massage chair has, the more powerful a massage it can provide.

Most massage chairs have between one and four motors, with most of our highest quality models such as the Fujitronic 10 Wheel Automatic Massage Chair, having four motors.

What are rollers and how many do I want?

Rollers are the moving parts within a massage chair that provide the percussive and rubbing massage action.

The moving carriage that provides vertical back massaging generally has either two or four rollers.

A four roller carriage delivers a massage that is more like one performed by a massage professional.

Some massage chairs will have many more rollers, however, for one of two reasons. Some inexpensive massage chairs do not have a moving carriage and attempt to emulate the same feel with multiple rollers.

Others supplement their moving carriage with additional rollers to further improve the user experience.

What kind of motions can massage chairs perform?

Nearly all of our massage chairs include rolling, kneading, and tapping motions. Many of our chairs also feature vibration.

Many models nowadays offer Shiatsu massage. Shiatsu is a style of massage developed in Japan based on Western medicine.

It consists entirely of applying pressure with no rubbing or rolling and has become famous for treating back pain, neck stiffness, amongst other benefits.

How durable are massage chairs?

Some chairs are built to provide you with many years of no worry use. Most massage chairs brands come with an at least 1year warranty, and many most expensive models can come with up to 5-year manufacturers’ warranty.

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How much assembly does a massage chair require?

Assembly varies from model to model, but most massage chairs are ready to be used right out of the box.

If you are worried about assembly time, please be sure to check the assembly section just under the dimensions and specifications.

Almost all models come with all the tools necessary to assemble your massage chair.

Now that you are well informed on the most critical factors of picking the right massage chairs, do you have any additional resources to help me make my decision?

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