5 awesome health and fitness holiday ideas for the summer

5 awesome health and fitness holiday ideas for the summer happy camper

We all love a good summer holiday, but going away on an all-inclusive break can be dangerous for our waistlines. Below, we’ve put together five fantastic health and fitness breaks that you really won’t want to miss out on – especially if you’re trying to maintain your figure!

Make a splash

Going on holiday is all about unwinding and having fun. If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary and want to make sure you’re staying active, then choosing a hotel with its own water park could be a sensible idea. Water parks are so much fun because you get to spend time with your loved ones trying out slides and attractions, and you can incorporate a little bit of exercise and some sunbathing into your day, too. Many hotels around the world have their own water parks, so look around and find a destination that the whole family will enjoy.

Visit the countryside

Another way to combine relaxing with keeping fit is by visiting the countryside. Especially here in the United Kingdom, you can find a whole host of big holiday cottages that are set within the stunning British countryside. Locations like Kent, Herefordshire and Somerset are perfect for taking in some natural beauty and spending some time walking, running and exercising in the great outdoors – and the chances are, you’ll find a bunch of activities that will keep you busy. In Devon, for example, you can join the thousands of tourists to go surfing in ‘secret surfing spots’.

Unwind with some yoga

If you’re a fan of mindfulness and focusing on your inner core, then a yoga holiday could be a great way to relax. There are several companies that offer yoga holidays as a package, or you could ‘do it yourself’ and book your own holiday, incorporating yoga into your everyday travels. If you want to stay in the UK, then The Orange Tree in North Yorkshire offers yoga weekends over two or three days, including periods of silence and breathing relaxation training. Overseas, you could try Zakynthos in Greece, where 90-minute yoga classes are held every day to music.

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5 awesome health and fitness holiday ideas for the summer happy cutting food

Go snorkelling

Whether you’re a dab hand at snorkelling or it’s your first time, there’s no denying the activity is great fun – and it can be good exercise if you get into it. Finding the right destination to go snorkelling can be tough, as you need to find a shoreline that has shallow coral reefs and calm, clear waters for your safety. Oh, and finding a destination with truly interesting marine life is also important. The Bahamas is one destination of choice, while the house reefs of the Maldives and Seychelles also come out favourably. Be adventurous and try a new skill – you might love it.

Try a weight-loss holiday

If you’ve been piling on the pounds and want to get away from the stresses of everyday life, you could try a weight-loss holiday. Such holidays are held around the world and designed to bring people together for a good time that involves eating healthily and exercising every day. In fact, weight loss holidays are as much about education and changing habits as they are about the actual food and movement, and being in a group of like-minded people can give you a huge confidence and motivation boost. Shop around and find a holiday that suits your budget and your timeframe; prices can vary from a couple of hundred pounds into the tens of thousands.

There are so many holiday ideas that incorporate fun exercise and activities; don’t just settle for a week by the pool when you could be out and about exploring a whole new country. Have fun!

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