The Relationship Between A Good Bra & Body Confidence

The Relationship Between A Good Bra & Body Confidence

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and insulted a flaw you saw starting back at you? Unfortunately, many women regularly practice body shaming and negative self talk, and it can have a big impact on your confidence in your every day life.

In recent years, there has been a big shift in the way the media and big companies portray women. Whether it’s in movies, TV shows, or commercials. They’re beginning to become more aware of just how important it is to emphasize a women’s natural beauty, stop airbrushing away so-called “flaws”, and help women–especially younger girls–better understand that their bodies are perfect just the way they are. Have you caught on to that yet?

Whether you recognize your true natural beauty yet or not, there are some surefire ways for you to help boost your body confidence and begin feeling better about yourself on a daily basis. Many “techniques” are on the list, with magazines encouraging women to do everything from ditching makeup at least one day out of the week to others challenging you to strip down and compliment yourself in the mirror to find all the things you love about your body.

These practices can help boost your body confidence too, but perhaps the best way to do it is to simply look at one thing that works to cover, define, and show off you and your body every single day of the week: your wardrobe!

Many women are now turning to their closets to find inspiration for their own body confidence movement, and it should start with your sock drawer. Multiple women have come out to discuss how dressing nice, in clothes that fit properly and accentuate your figure, make them instantly feel more confident. At work, it can make you feel more powerful and in control. On dates, it can make you feel even more attractive and beautiful. In every day of your life, it can really help you let your personality shine through.

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And, the best place to start, maybe surprisingly, is with your underwear! Bras are a strictly women-only invention that most females have to put on every single day of the week. Whether it’s a comfy and supportive Racerback bra for the gym or a padded bra for your next day on the town, they can play a huge role in your comfort–both physically and mentally.

Physically, your bra has to fit comfortably in order for you to feel confident in it. Mentally, your bra also has to make you feel comfortable in it. Offering the support, the coverage, the whimsical design or sexy appeal that you want in order to feel confident wearing it, whether or not you plan on showing it to anyone but the mirror.

When you begin rethinking your wardrobe in a way that will inspire body confidence and self love within yourself, you’ll see magical changes begin to happen in your attitude and in the way others perceive you. What better time to start than today?

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