10 Best Ways to Relax the Body for Deep Sleep

10 Best Ways to Relax the Body for Deep Sleep

One of the most essential functions in life is getting a good night’s sleep, it is after all, the proverbial reset button, a daily system refresh if you will.

For most it’s a passive engagement. For others, falling and staying asleep is a feat unto itself. Whatever the case may be, it remains important not just to have the right quantity of sleep, but also the right quality.

You probably already know what keeps you awake or helps you sleep in a broad sense, but most people aren’t fully aware of the multitude of factors in their habits and habitat that end up influencing how well they can get some shut eye.

Knowing this becomes even more imperative when considering the many unsung benefits, a good night’s sleep provides.

There are numerous ways you can improve the quality of your sleep every night. Whether it’s through mindful mental habits, honing in on your habitat or diligent dietary discipline, here are 10 sleep tricks that will help you fall into a deep sleep fas

1.Do You Need A New Mattress?

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First thing’s first. Where you sleep is an obvious source of analysis and first port-of-call when trying to figure out how to optimize the quality and quantity of your sleep. An uncomfortable mattress is an automatic fail.Comfort is key in this regard, and while some prefer soft mattresses, others prefer firmer types, so it all really boils down to body type and personal taste. One constant however, is the need to make sure circulation and body alignment are maintained and managed well while sleeping.

A balanced combination of cushioning and support is necessary in order to produce the best quality sleep. A good mattress matters. It is not just an investment towards your sleep, its and investment towards every waking hour as well.

2. Replace your Space

10 Best Ways to Relax the Body for Deep Sleep bedroom

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Your bed is one thing, where it is another. Room arrangement plays a major role in how you sleep. A cluttered, disorganized bedroom will often diminish the quality of your sleep, while a well-organized, tidy space will put your mind at relative ease.

Consider the concept of Feng Shui, an eastern pseudoscience an ancient philosophy which determines that the correct arrangement of objects in a given space determines how energy flows either to the benefit or detriment of the occupants.

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Whether or not you buy into this idea, it’s pretty much based on common sense. A well-organized space grants you peace of mind, and peace of mind is a key element towards a good night’s sleep.

3. Keep it Down

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The last thing you want while trying to get some shut eye is a whole bunch of noise disturbing the peace. Try and eliminate or at the very least, limit the amount of background sound as you prepare for bed. Also, try purchasing energy-efficient windows as well if you want to keep noise from the outdoors from getting inside and if you want to keep the temperature controlled and constantly stable for sleeping.

4. Active Bodies are Sleepy Bodies

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Staying physically active through the day helps you burn up all the excess energy that would have otherwise made it harder to fall asleep.

A heavy work out is known to stimulate the release of endorphin hormones. The calming effect of endorphins also contributes well to your ability to hit the hay and stay there. Just remember to eat some of the top foods and minerals that help you recover from your workouts.

5. Bed Time is Tea Time

10 Best Ways to Relax the Body for Deep Sleep tea

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Drinking a non-caffeinated drink just before bed can help soothe your body and mind before shutting down.

Certain teas, such as Chamomile are especially renowned for their ability to help you knock off for the night. Although no official clinical studies yet exist to prove chamomile’s efficacy as a sleep inducing sedative, it’s certainly much better at bedtime than a cup of coffee.

6. Good night GABA GABA (gamma butyric acid) is a naturally occurring chemical that helps calm down neuron excitement. It is often taken as a supplement available from many health food and sports nutrition brands. As opposed to a hormone like adrenalin, which is linked to the sympathetic (fight or flight) nerve system, GABA interacts with the parasympathetic (rest and digest) system.

7. Lights Out

10 Best Ways to Relax the Body for Deep Sleep window

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It’s obvious that having the lights on makes it all that more difficult to fall asleep. Our eyelids are still relatively translucent even when tightly shut, making it near impossible to ignore an active light source. To a lesser known extent, even our skin itself has photo receptive qualities that detect the level of light in our surroundings. If it’s too brightthe skin won’t produce melatonin, a hormone largely responsible for inducing sleep

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8. Ring the Alarm
As strange as it might sound, it makes total sense to not only have an alarm that wakes you up, but also one that tells you when to sleep. We often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our day to day lives’ and this often bleeds into our normal bedtime. Whether it’s an exciting Netflix binge or listening to some loud music, we sometimes need to remind ourselves when to shut down.

9. Don’t Drink and Dive (into bed)

10 Best Ways to Relax the Body for Deep Sleep beer

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While alcohol is a sure fire way to make you fall asleep, it does nothing but ruin the quality of your sleep. As a sedative, alcohol inhibits much of your neurological activity, but being the potent toxin, it means that your body must fight extra hard to rid itself of the contamination. This requires massive amounts of energy and metabolic activity which end up being very counterintuitive to having a good night’s sleep.

10. Free Your Mind

10 Best Ways to Relax the Body for Deep Sleep zen

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One major roadblock to being able to sleep well is your state of mind or current mood. Try and find ways to relax and declutter your brain before bed. Meditation is a good way of relieving the kind of stress that would make it harder to catch some Zs. Other methods such as listening to certain sound frequencies or soothing audio patterns like binaural beats and the sound of rain have been known to improve the mental state before bed.

At the End of the Day

With careful consideration, you can easily optimize your sleep quality and maintain a consistent, healthy sleep pattern. Good quality sleep, not only makes you feel rested and ready for the next day, but also benefits you in ways you won’t immediately notice but are no less impactful on the quality of your life. So, try not to take bedtime for granted.

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