Five Strategies to Cope with Anxiety

Five Strategies to Cope with Anxiety

At some point in our lives almost everyone is visited by this state of mind known as anxiety. We are all prone to developing it for various reasons and therefore, it is important that we all are well aware of strategies that help us prevent this condition.

  1. Is It You Thinking?

A concept has been around in the self-help and spirituality community that whether our thoughts belong to us or not. But most of the thoughts that we think are negative and irrational. And they are not essentially the truth; therefore we ought not to believe in the authenticity of these thoughts. Try to think on a more positive note each time you are challenged by a negative thought. You need to find out what you are afraid of and change your belief about that fear. Learn to shape your thoughts in a pattern that is less painful for yourself.

  1. Find Patterns

More often than not you will find thought patterns that spiral down in a rut of negative thinking. It’s like a thought has initiated a chain reaction of negative thoughts and from there onward are your think about are negative things. Learn to figure out where you are exaggerating your negative thoughts and fears and how you can stop yourself from doing this. Draw conclusions more consciously because sometimes your deductive powers can be foggy due to the fear and anxiety and you might be looking at the clear picture.

  1. Try Medication

While under no circumstances do I endorse medicinal treatment as your first option, but there are times when relaxants and anti-oxidants can be especially helpful in curing anxieties. However, you shouldn’t take any medicine without prescription. Try to take medicine only when the doctor asks you to, or if you feel the need to take medicine you should consider discussing it with your medical health care provider first. Many people buy weed online because it works like a relaxant with no side effects, you can try it.

  1. Try Being Optimistic
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I know that it is really hard to think positive. But you cannot do it unless you trick yourself into believing that you can be optimistic. Try to think specific things and don’t let your mind get astray in negative thoughts. Imagine positive outcomes and try to be happy. Make yourself believe that things will turn out right. I know it might feel like you’re faking it but there’s a golden rule that says that fake it until you make it. And therefore you have to make yourself believe all the positive things until one day it comes to you naturally.

  1. Take A Break!

Last, but certainly not the least is that give yourself a break. Cut yourself some slack and stop thinking. Sometimes all you need to do is give your brain a rest. Break the monotony in your routine and take a leave from work. Go for a vacation, preferably to a green place and then calmly figure your life out. Think about the root causes of your stress and you’ll see what it is that is bothering you. A little rest is always good for the brain.

So these are a few ways in which you can give your anxiety ridden brain some rest. Good luck!

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