How to Keep Your Dog Daycare Facility Clean and Healthy

How to Keep Your Dog Daycare Facility Clean and Healthy

Every pet care center works with one main target – keeping the pets happy at any cost. A great way to ensure that the dogs and puppies get proper care is through monitoring of the environment. If you own a doggy daycare business, then you must ensure having a clean facility that is free of both disease and odor. Each day different pets will come and go; hence, you have no prior knowledge of their present health condition.

Environment management is important in maintaining disease control at Brewerton Vet, creating a pleasant and playful environment, as well as, to keep pets and their owners relaxed. Here are few tips to ensure the cleanliness of your doggy daycare center:

Buy Effective Cleaning Appliances

One of the most commonly found disease in doggy daycare facility is Canine Influenza. Therefore, it is critical for you to pick a disinfectant that will be effective for your center in terms of safety and effectiveness. Being the owner of your dog care facility, it is your daily responsibility to apply the disinfectant to make sure that the center is disease-free. However, it is essential to be aware of the potential hazards before investing in a disinfectant. In addition, looking at professional cleaning services to clean up after your dog may be a viable option to explore as well.

Remove Bad Odor

No dog owner wants his beloved pet to visit or live in a place that has a strong or bad odor. Control the odor in your dog daycare facility, as it creates the first impression in the minds of the pet owners.  The main sources of the odor are fecal matter and urine. The release of ammonia gas into the air makes the surrounding unpleasant. If not properly taken care of, an ammonia buildup may harm the dogs’ eyes and lungs. In order to ensure the safety of the dogs in your daycare center, quickly dispose the waste products and apply disinfectant procedures. Clean the area with plenty of water and let the soiled area to get dry. Combine your safety measures with proper ventilation and control the odor of the daycare facility.

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Provide Supply of Air

The infectious microorganisms affecting pets are airborne and carried by elements floating in the air. For reducing the chances of dogs inhaling infectious air, make specific ventilation arrangement. Keeping the supply of dry air successfully controls the microorganisms. You can also consider installing HVAC system in your doggy daycare facility to lower the relative humidity by releasing fresh air and exhausting moist air.

Bring in the Required Vaccination

Examining the vaccination track record of a dog before admitting him in your doggy daycare facility is an absolute must. The record must be issued to you prior to allowing the pet in your daycare center and you can get it from the dog’s veterinarian. If you see a dog that is not vaccinated properly, it can be highly risky to allow that dog in your facility. Also, acquire several vaccinations for protection against infections like rabies and parvovirus.


Caring for pets is a great responsibility and managing the cleanliness and safety is a daunting task. Your doggy daycare business must offer a friendly and happy environment to the puppies so that they get a homely feeling.

Author Bio – Sharon James is a pet veterinary who manages vaccines for many reputed doggy daycare facilities like PrimpPlay. She is a pet lover herself and owns two dogs that spent their day in dog daycare centers.  

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