3 Workouts You Can Do Without Leaving Your Place

Workouts You Can Do Without Leaving Your Place

Maybe you’re snowed into your off-campus apartment. Maybe you work from home and you don’t have time (or energy) to trek across town to the gym. Maybe you like exercising in the comfort of your own home, far from the prying eyes of the Lululemon armies at the yoga studio.

Whatever your reasons, it’s totally possible to get a sweat on without leaving your apartment. All you need is a little creativity… and maybe some dumbells. Here are 3 ways to  get your heartrate up in the safety of your own studio.

  1. Yoga
    One of the best things about yoga is how seamlessly it can adapt to whatever space you’re in. It’s a lifestyle practice, after all! You’re meant to be able to adapt your practice to your daily life and location.So clear a space in your living room, and lay down your mat. If you’re an experienced practitioner, set a timer for the length of your normal class and run through the poses you like best for the duration.More of a beginner? There are a number of standout youtube channels that give you all of the benefits of a yoga studio without… you know, the yoga studio. I particularly like Strala at Home — it’s cleanly shot, well-lit, and it’s easy to follow Tara Stiles as she takes you through a variety of poses.
  2. Micro-Interval Training
    Another great option for home workouts that doesn’t require any extra equipment is the 7 Minute Workout. Developed by the Human Performance Institute, this 12-exercise routine starts with jumping jacks and wall-sits before moving on to pushups, tricep dips, lunges, and more. It’s an ultra-compressed, high-intensity interval program that requires nothing more than your own body weight, a wall, and a chair to accomplish.Best of all? You do it fast. Each step should take 30 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest between them. That means you get the benefits of a long run and a little time in the weight room, all without lacing up your Nikes.
  3. Indoor Cardio
    No, this doesn’t mean running laps around your 300 square foot studio. You can easily accomplish some of your cardio goals without hopping on an elliptical.You might have to hop a little bit, though. Burpees are a great way to burn calories, and all you need is enough space to stretch out the full length of your body. Do as many as you can for 1 minute.Mountain climbers are another way to get your heartrate up. Get into push-up position, and then instead of lowering yourself by bending your elbows, bring one knee up to your chest and then back, like you’re trying to run on your hands and knees, or ride a bicycle. See if you can last a minute at full speed — chances are you’ll be sweating onto your rug in no time.Want some more cardio tips? Check out Fitness Blender for instructions on torso twists, slow squats, and deadlift jacks.
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