Habits To Ditch and Habits To Keep For Your Health

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Being healthy, we all want it right, but sometimes we can do things as a matter of course that are actually having a bad effect on how healthy we are, and how we feel. That is why it’s essential that you know which habits to ditch and which one to keep up to maintain optimum health and fitness.

Keep – Fatty foods

Fat is the enemy, you could go so far as to describe it as the devil himself right? Well, it’s not as simple as all that. Yes, food that is high in trans fatty acids, and saturated fats are best kept to a minimum. But there are some good fats out there as well.

These are found in things like sunflower and pumpkin seeds, avocados, and oily fish like salmon and mackerel. What makes them so goods for you is that they contain specific protein chains known as amino acids that your body cannot make on its own, but need to be healthy. That means the only way of getting them is to ingest them by eating the food mentioned above.

Something that if you are banning all types of fat from your diet, you won’t be able to do. That is why it’s a good idea to keep at least the good fats in.

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Ditch – Sugar

Sugar, you’ve probably heard a lot about this stuff and all the evil that it’s responsible for. Such as insulin resistance, mood swings, addictions, crashes, and even diabetes. Unfortunately, for anyone with a sweet tooth, scientific research suggests that at least some of these claim are true.

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It’s all linked to the way that refined sugar is quickly broken down by the body and released into the bloodstream. Meaning our bodies struggle to control the level of sugar in our system potentially causing the side effects mentioned above.

That means if you have the choice between refined foods made with white flour and refined sugars, and ones made with wholemeal flour and natural sugars, you should always ditch the former and pick the latter. Your body will thank you for it.

Ditch – Smoking

Something that is definitely on the ditch list is smoking tobacco. The dangers and addictive quality of this have been documented for years. But perhaps due to how addictive nicotine is it can be very tough to kick the habit.

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To help, why not try switching to an e cigarette, like the one available at Minty Vapes? As these are believed to be healthier as they don’t contain as many noxious chemicals while still delivering a nicotine kick.

However, if you feel up to it, you can try ridding yourself of the habit altogether. To do this, you can use nicotine replacement therapy in the form of sprays, lozenges, or chewing gum.

Keep – Eating what you want

OK, so there is a lot of conflicting advice about what you should, and shouldn’t eat, and how much, But what if you could make it all really simple and still get to eat things that normal people have in their lives?

Well, you can, and it’s all about focusing on eating what you want rather than trying to keep fit and healthy by restricting your diet by cutting out bread, pasta, or potatoes.

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The idea is that you pay more attention to the act of eating and how full you feel when you are consuming food. This then allows you to feel your body’s stop eating signal much more clearly, preventing you from eating things that your body doesn’t really want and eating too much at any one sitting.

Of course, this will be more of a challenge for some of us, but practicing mindful awareness can help.

Ditch – High impact exercise

Exercise its vital part of staying fit and healthy, but sometimes our choices can work against us. Especially if we choose a high impact variety. Yes, I know it’s tempting to always go all out at the gym, even if you haven’t exercised in ages because you want it to be as effective as possible and burn as many calories as you can.

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However, traditionally high impact exercises such as running, and aerobics also have high injury rates, and when you get injured, you won’t be exercising at all, let alone going at full pelt. That is why it can be useful to ditch doing the higher impact stuff every day, and go for something like yoga, or cycling in between. As they are easier on you joints in the long term.

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