5 Reasons Why You Should Give High Intensity Interval Training Workouts a Try

5 Reasons Why You Should Give High Intensity Interval Training Workouts a Try


There are more men who use a more rigorous type of exercise than women. But more women stay in group workouts more than men. This is not to say that women cannot do high intensity and that men are better off exercising alone. Both can actually be combined so that both can enjoy and benefit.

Enter High Intensity Interval Training or more commonly known as HIIT, a type of workout that works well for both men and women for a lot of reasons other than it suits both sexes. Most common HIIT workouts are just right for women who want that adrenaline rush without having to bulk up on muscles. On the other hand, it’s perfect for men who want the muscles and lose the fat. Either way, its benefits to both sexes are more than enough to provide you with enough proof that it will work for whatever your objectives are for physical fitness.

Here are 5 more reasons to convince you to try HIIT.

1.   Works even at rest.

Out of all workouts, HIIT has the highest effect in losing weight. HIIT’s secret unlike other workouts is that it works even after you are done with the exercises. In fact, it works even more effectively after the workout. This should give more motivation because it works double the time we work on the exercises.

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2. Works wonders for those who are battling Type 2 Diabetes.

HIIT has a rapid impact on metabolism, so it takes less work to increase glucose in muscles and insulin sensitivity in Type 2 Diabetes patients. When you have these alarming illnesses, the faster it takes to regulate or normalize your body, the better. Because HIIT takes less time compared to other workouts, it’s results are faster, as in the case of those with Type 2 Diabetes.

3.   Helps consuming oxygen faster.

Because it is high intensity, the heart pumps faster everytime. When this becomes a regular activity, the heart’s pumping ability and limit increases and improves through time. In addition, the excess oxygen helps increase your rate of metabolism, eventually burning more calories at a faster rate.

4. Does more in a shorter span.

Unlike other exercises, HIIT does not take long for it to do its work. In fact, its main benefit is that it does things in half the time or even less than other types of exercises. We all know that when exercises drag on, we lose interest faster and at the same time, we feel as if it drains our energy faster. When we feel that we lose our energy for other stuff after workout, we tend to ditch the exercise because there are other priorities.

5.         HIIT Running especially benefits women

HIIT is a mix of different exercises that are intensified either by frequency or speed, in shorter bouts. If women were to take advantage of HIIT, then running is the best choice. Women worked at a higher rate to maximize heart rate and oxygen consumption compared to men.

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Taking Care of Ourselves

The problem these days is that we are too busy either with work or household chores to go to the gym or workout at home. Exercise or physical fitness is last in our priorities. When exercise becomes the last thing in our minds, we fail to take care of ourselves, and indirectly those who depend on us. For women, careers, kids and the family; for men, it’s usually work. We have not realized that we only need a few minutes in a day to squeeze in a really good workout, and that’s the objective of HIIT, to do more in short periods. It’s more than enough to include it in our routine.

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