Recovering Your Health After a Streak of Bad Habits

Recovering Your Healthy After a Streak of Bad Habits



We’ve all had cheat days here and there, but some of us have also had cheat weeks, months or even years. We’ll tell ourselves “ah, no big deal, I’ll get back to my usual diet soon” but then a week later, we still haven’t recovered our old ways and as a result, we ruin a perfectly good diet. This isn’t such a huge deal. After all, even people that quit alcohol or smoking fail a couple of times and relapse. It’s because any bad habit, be it overeating, smoking or drinking too much can become addictive and difficult to break away from.

So to help you recover from a streak of bad habits, here are some vital tips that will get you started on improving your lifestyle.

Rethink your goals

One of the biggest flaws people face is that they don’t have a set goal in mind. Instead of setting themselves something achievable over a long period of time, they try to set a goal that’s far too much work for their body. In order to stick with healthy habits, you need to set small goals and try to reach them instead of setting goals that are way out of your league. For instance, if you’re going to quit drinking soda, then don’t drop it completely and drink just water for the rest of your life. You need to indulge now and then as well, so drop it to diet soda first. Then, gradually make the switch to sparkling fruit drinks, then just sparkling water, and then finally just water. If you have a soda now and then, you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it as long as you don’t sink back into bad habits.

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Clean your body thoroughly

No, this doesn’t mean go for a hot shower. Instead, it means cleansing your body through natural foods and a lot of water. If you’ve been drinking again, eating unhealthy foods or stuffing your face with fatty and sweet snacks, then you need to try the 30 Day Cleanse from Isagenix in order to cleanse your body and mind of all the junk. The faster you do this, the quicker it will be to return to your healthy, normal self.

Change your workout routine

One of the biggest myths in fitness is that the more you sweat, the more you burn. This isn’t entirely accurate and losing weight is all about burning more calories than you take in. This is done with a combination of eating light and getting more active. However, there are times when our workout routines are just simply too much for us. Instead of telling yourself you’re going to run 5km every day for the rest of your life, tell yourself that you’ll run 1km and gradually work up to the 5km goal. Make sure you’re giving yourself some break days so your muscles have time to relax and be proud that you’re making steady progress to reach your goals. It’s all about making small digestible changes to your lifestyle, not big ones you can’t stick to.

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