Anavar use to get the best body

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Anavar is an oral steroid which is used by many people in the sporting organization. The bulky nature of the athletes is often a product of oral steroids. It helps to build the musculature which is often seen in athletes and body builders.


Anavar is an oral steroid that is also known an oxandrolone. It is a synthetic derivative of the drug dihydrotestosterone containing oxygen instead of carbon in the 17α position in the A-ring. The product can be used easily by men as well as female. In the male, when used in larger doses it would result in the strongest cycle for muscle building. These larger doses result in more cost in comparison to using other oral steroids. The advantage for the use of this steroid against others from this family is due to its effect in melting fat more effectively.

Pros and cons of Anavar

Anavar has been prescribed to deal with a number of the medical conditions like loss of the muscle due to HIV/AIDS, osteoporosis treatment, alcoholic hepatitis and illness due to muscle wastage. These advantages set Anavar apart from its other steroidal counterparts.

Anavar has been acclaimed to be used by the sporting fraternity as a safe drug. Due to the use of a synthetic derivative of the dihydrotestosterone the drug is more stable in the metabolic cycles and does not get degraded down.  In males, the use of Anavar leads to the decrease of natural testosterone, but due to its androgenic property, it leads to increase in libido and gain in lean muscle mass. This drug does not get aromatized to estrogen so it is convenient for use in females. The usage of this drug is restricted to pregnant females or probable ones as they can cause a lot of complications which includes muscularization of the developing fetus. It could lead to the loss of calcium due to the effect of hypercalcemia. Anavar is less toxic on the liver than others of the same family.

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Dosage of the Anavar

Anavar being a mild steroid is best for the use of the females. Most of the female use Anavar cycle in the range of 10-20mg in a 6-week duration. Even though 20mg is the recommended, female athletes rarely use more than 10mg as chances of getting unpleasant side effects due to its use are increased. Women subjects that would require usage of Anavar for more than six weeks’ time would be advised to come off the drug for 4-5 weeks before continuing for another period.

The use of Anavar is tricky for males. They are drawn to the use of this drug as it helps them cut the fat mass in the body and allows them to have that sculpted, lean body. Unlike other steroids, Anavar is required in more about 20-100mg. It is beneficial to athletes to get the perfect lean muscle by cutting the body fat before their competitions. Anavar helps in making the strongest cycle for muscle building by reducing the fat mass.  In spite of all the beneficial effects, you should use Anavar should be done carefully under medical supervision.

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