Top benefits of cooking with a pressure cooker

pressure cooker steaming on counter

Most people have childhood memories of pressure cookers that range from exciting to scary. A few people fear the pressure cooker because of the scary noises threatening to burst open and spill the contents at any time. But this aside, the pressure cooker comes with several advantages and benefits that go beyond the ordinary. Below are some of the benefits associated with a pressure cooker.

1. Healthy meals

There is little sense in buying your groceries and meat and then losing half of the nutrients during cooking. Several studies have pointed out that the more food is exposed to heat the more nutrients are lost. This is even made worse when more water is added on to the food to ensure it cooks well. Foods cooked with pressure cookers retain more water and are ready faster than foods that have been boiled. This means that foods from pressure cookers are much more nutritious because more nutrients are retained when using a pressure cooker. Several studies have proven that a lot of nutrients are lost when food is cooked by boiling.

2. Efficient cooking

Studies have shown that cooking food with pressure cookers is faster by up to 70 percent. This means that more energy is saved when using a pressure cooker than when using conventional cooking methods. This is because with a pressure cooker, you only need one pot to cook all your food and this also complements the fact that it is much faster than other means of cooking. You stand to save a lot of money in terms of energy saving when using pressure cookers which makes it an efficient cooking method. Besides the fact that you will be able to save a lot of energy, you will also maximize on the time and cost of cooking.

3. Safer cooking

The modern pressure cookers are safer than the conventional cooking methods. In fact, studies have shown that pressure cooking has become 100 percent safe when coking. There is no chance for explosion when cooking with a pressure cooker anymore because the latest technologies have been designed with pressure release mechanisms that are automated. This means that once you set your cooker, you have nothing to worry about and you will only come back when the food is ready. Also, the fact that you do not need to open the cooking pot while the food is still being cooked contributes immensely to the safe cooking. You will not be directly exposed to hazards of spillage and explosions which may turn out to be dangerous.

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4. Time saver

One of the biggest benefits of pressure coking is that it saves a lot of cooking time, unlike the conventional cooking methods. Up to 70 percent of cooking time is saved when using a pressure cooker. For the working generation, this comes as a plus because you stand to benefit by spending more time with family and attending to other things that need your immediate attention, even when your food is cooking.

pressure cooker steaming

5. Clean cooking

Most people would attest to the fact that cleaning with best stainless steel cookware and then after cooking is one of the most tedious jobs. This is especially after you have spent a significant amount of time cooking the food itself. Unlike conventional cooking methods where foods residue is left spattered all over the stove or gas surfaces, pressure cooking is the cleanest method of cooking. Once all the ingredients are in the pot, all you need to do is close the lid and wait for the food to be ready. There is no chance for food residue to be spilled all over the place. You therefore do not have to worry about cleaning after cooking.

6. Cooler kitchen

Global warming has made sure that summers will get even warmer as time goes by. This means that we will need to do more to ensure that we stay cooler both indoors and outdoors. This will get even harder when it comes to the kitchen environment. Naturally, the kitchen is associated with heat which tends to raise the temperature to a level higher than most areas within the house. Conventional cooking methods emit a lot of heat around the kitchen exposing you and your family to very high temperatures that may make it very uncomfortable to bare. Pressure cooker operates by utilizing the steam that is generated from the water while the lead is still intact. Your kitchen therefore ends up being cool as though no cooking was taking place. This is because the heat that is usually caused by escaping steam is confined within the cooking pot for the duration of the cooking.

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7. Food preservation

Another important benefit of cooking with a pressure cooker is that it can be used to preserve foods. Some of the larger pressure cooker models that contain up to 15 psi are used for canning foods and preserving them for future use. This explains why they are usually referred to as canners. In order to cook and can food, a very high pressure will be required and this can only be achieved by using a pressure cooker. By cooking and preserving food, you will not need the services of a refrigerator to preserve food because your pressure cooker will do this for you. You will therefore end up saving a lot of money in terms of cost of energy and acquisition costs.

8. Versatility

Pressure cookers are versatile. Unlike conventional cooking methods where you will need several cooking utensils to help you prepare one meal at a time, a pressure cooker will save you the energy of trying to prepare several things at a time. You will not need a separate pan to do you veggies and an additional oven to do your baking. With a pressure cooker, all these things are converted into one pot where you will be able to comfortably prepare all your meals at a go. Once you have all your ingredients together, you cover the pot with its lid and wait for the food to cook to completion.

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