No time for Millennials to exercise? 5 Ways to Fit Exercise into your Busy Life

busy millennials fitness survey

Millennials are often given press that veers more towards bad than good: they’re still living at home, they base decisions on how good they’ll look on Instagram; they’re more choosy about employment. A recent survey run by NRS Healthcare looked into the fitness and health habits of different generations and found that, despite the fact that we see Millennials all over social media flaunting their fitness gear, only 69% would say their fitness is average or above and only 21% say that they can exercise most days.

busy millennials fitness survey

If you’re a busy Millennial, or a busy person in general, as 24% of Generation X also answered that they find little time to exercise, these tips may help you squeeze exercise into your routine:

busy millennials fitness survey

1.      Walk everywhere

The one exercise that almost everyone has time for is walking – even if that’s 10 minutes pacing around the office while you’re on the phone, 5 minutes walking to work and taking the stairs to get your pulse raised or taking a stroll around town on your lunch break. Try to find a bit of time every day to stretch those legs – they’ll thank you later!

2.      Prioritise exercise

Food and sleep are the two things that we manage to fit into our lives no matter what, so put your fitness up there with them as, after all, it is just as important. You’ll find that the more you find time to work out, the more you’ll want to do it so will rearrange tasks to fit it in. Even if that means booking time in your diary for a week or two in advance that you’ll refuse to move for anything – treat it like an important social engagement or meeting.

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3.      Work out with friends

Even better, make your work out into a social engagement. Instead of meeting for coffee and a piece of cake, meet for a yoga class or jog around the park. Exercise is even known to raise endorphins so you might find your friendship bond feeling stronger after a bit of cardio together.

4.      Turn relaxation time into exercise time

Taking time off to rest is super important, but you can even keep moving while your brain is relaxing. Keep a pair of dumbbells by the sofa and stick your favourite box set on Netflix – half an hour of star jumps, dumb bell curls and squats while you’re distracted by the TV will fly by!

5.      Work out at work

Multitask at your desk to activate your core muscles by sitting on a stability ball instead of the average swivel chair, or get a standing desk to stretch out your legs during the day.

busy millennials fitness survey

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