Jumpstart Weightlifting: How Do Lift Worry-free

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We all want to have a good muscle build up and so we are up to trying everything related to bodybuilding. If you are a gym goer or at least you have a friend who always goes to the gym, you have definitely seen weights being used by other people. You have been so curious on how small but terrible these weights are, but you are too afraid to try it because you have just started with bodybuilding and you are afraid of being subject to any injury. To help you out, here are tips as you Jumpstart Weightlifting–Weightlifting 101 or the basics of weightlifting.

What is weightlifting?

Weightlifting is all a combination of three specific hobbies or points of interests of bodybuilders: it is a weightlifting sport, it is a strength training, and it is basically one of the fundamental strategies of bodybuilding.

Weightlifting becomes a sport if you use it to compete with other bodybuilders. It becomes a “strength training” if you use weights to gain muscles or to capacitate your muscles to be able to cope up with more intense workout ideas. Weightlifting becomes a simple part of the bodybuilding strategy if you are doing it, along with other fitness training ideas (like using workout machines per se) in a balanced mode. In that case, you use weightlifting as one of your numerous accessories to reaching a bulkier and better physical appearance.

Why lift weights?

As bodybuilders, we need to balance our selection of workout ideas from head to foot to make sure that we are working on a fair mode—we are not into getting bulkier upper muscles, and normal muscles in the leg because that will really make us look like a filthy and trying hard bodybuilders. Now, if we notice that we are doing great with our legs and not much with the upper muscles, then it is a good choice to try weightlifting.

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While there are many other workout machines out there which can boost our upper physique, we should still use weightlifting because it offers a lot of benefits.

  • It is accessible and versatile at the same time. Not like the machines, you can always have your dumb bells beside you.
  • It builds strength which made it one of the most effective routines in strength training. Therefore, if you know how to lift weights, then you can easily increase the ability of your muscle to tolerate more intense workout routines.
  • It builds muscle faster than the usual machines because it is up to your capability on how intense you will do the lifting.
  • It burns fat because you will sweat a lot in weightlifting.
  • It increases health in general as it can improve metabolism, regulate fluid in your body properly and it does no fatigue if you won’t over lift. To maximize the effects, make sure you have a good diet before starting with weightlifting. To check on what are the best to eat before your workout, see this post

Is weightlifting safe?

The safety of doing weightlifting is one the most concerns of bodybuilders. Will it not break our veins and muscles when we over lift?

It is suggested to get a weightlifting trainer in your gym to make sure that you are doing right and well. You need them for the first days of weightlifting and when they have taught you already of how to do it, then you can start doing it yourself. Remember that the only harm in weightlifting is when you overtrain. Make sure that you train only up to the limit of your body to avoid complications. And use weightlifting belt to protect you avoid injury while lifting. See this article to choice a weightlifting belt fit for you.

To keep you in good condition, do not forget to improve the other factors that will constitute a better health status like making a good diet, multivitamins and taking up supplements.

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Weightlifting exercises

If you are just about to start weightlifting, then jumpstart with these basic exercises.

  • Squat, front squat
  • Bench press, overhead press
  • Deadlift
  • Barbell row, Pend lay row
  • Power clean
  • Jerk

To guide you with the above exercises, check on this Youtube link. Here you can see how many squats do you need to do, and how you must do the rest of the exercises. Make sure that your body is in condition to do the following exercises so as to avoid complications and other injuries.

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRCsg_QzDFigcxxa9rTC2PA

When you think that you are already toned up, then you can now go to the gym and look for trainers to help you start with more intense weightlifting routines. If you have memorized all the things that you should be mindful of when you lift, then you can also establish your own weightlifting corner at home so as to avoid paying too much for gym subscriptions.


Weightlifting is less complicated as almost all of us thinks. It is not about the competitive side of weightlifting – we can always start from scratch and that is where this article brings you. To make it more fun, enjoyable and productive, get weightlifting buddies by sharing this link with your friends!

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