What changes are happening in the health industry in 2023?


Now that we are halfway through 2023, the changes happening within the health industry are becoming more apparent.  With rapid evolvements in technologies and government policies having a huge impact on the industry, significant changes were bound to occur. 

Business models are under more pressure than ever before to evolve to fit these changes. Yet with the uncertainties of government funding and policy hurdles, organisations are struggling to keep up and evolve efficiently, leaving complications when it comes to transforming into the new digital era. 

Artificial intelligence

With the emergence of advanced technologies like the likes of AI, cloud computing and telehealth systems, the health industry is entering a new digital era. Due to these developments, healthcare leaders are under pressure to discover new techniques to ensure their patients are receiving the highest quality of care and attention, whilst ensuring their data is secure and their journey is easy to navigate. 

AI has the potential to massively improve the healthcare industry for the better. However, this needs to be carefully approached as most experts agree that AI in healthcare needs to be humanised. These solutions have the potential to revolutionize healthcare by increasing efficiency, improving outcomes and reducing costs. If done correctly AI could improve patient care through decision-making and smooth streaming of data. 

The world turns digital

Incredibly, digital healthcare is rapidly evolving at a fast and successful pace with the potential of improving the healthcare system forever. In the future, digital healthcare will become the norm, playing a significant role in our day-to-day lives. The use of mobile health apps, in particular, will help ave goodbye to our old outdated systems. 

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Health organisations are turning to digital solutions, like the likes of digital health apps to assist in organising patient data and appointments. With the assistance and guidance from BlueBrix, a simplified solution to building digital health apps is being offered to businesses that are turning towards digital services. 

Whilst digital health may be a broad term overall, it can cover a variety of new technologies and applications.

Data privacy and security

As cloud computing becomes more used in the industry, the data privacy and security of patients become a top priority to ensure the personal information of patients is not shared in places it shouldn’t be. The use of cryptographic access keys allows for the sharing of patient data without compromising their privacy.

Without a doubt, data protection continues to evolve within the healthcare industry in 2023. In order for patients to feel as though they can trust organisations, it is essential for businesses to incorporate data privacy and security plans into their routines. Data is hard to protect and therefore with every technological advance, there needs to be new techniques for protecting patient data. 

Final Thoughts

The healthcare industry is showing vast advances in 2023. All healthcare organisations, big and small, need to keep up with the moving trends to help improve the patient experience as well as aid in helping their business run effectively.

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