How Preventive Dentistry Can Save You From Serious Dental Diseases?

serious dental diseases

Do you care about your oral health? If you don’t, dental diseases will not be long in coming. So, today is high time to start investing in preventive dentistry and other practices for maintaining healthy teeth and gum.

Oral Health Issues You May Encounter

The WHO’s research reveals that every second person in the world suffers from oral problems:

  • Tooth decay (cavities). It appears when bacteria convert sugar into acid on the surface of a tooth. Excessive permanent consumption of sugars and irregular tooth brushing are the main causes. Dental caries is considered the major teeth problem globally.

  • Gum disease. This problem with tooth tissues results in swollen and bleeding gums, which is accompanied by pain and bad breath. In severe forms, it causes teeth loss. One out of 10 people in the world suffers from this disease. The problem appears mainly because of poor oral hygiene and tobacco use.

  • Oral cancer. Since different parts of a mouth may suffer, the symptoms also vary. Alcohol and tobacco consumption are the main factors, with males of older age at a greater risk. The study reveals 4 cases out of 100,000 people.

Severe teeth issues may cause secondary problems – diabetes, heart disease, etc. That said, the WHO’s study claims that the majority of oral problems are preventable.

How to Preserve Your Oral Health?

Dental health is one of the main assets for maintaining decent well-being. People who don’t consume tobacco and alcohol, stick to a sugar-free diet, and keep oral hygiene on a good level are less inclined to have dental disease, according to FDI World Dental Federation’s research. The dentists insist on the following healthy rules:

  • Develop good hygiene habits by brushing the teeth at least twice a day, using fluoride toothpaste, and utilizing a piece of floss after mealtimes. This will help remove dental plaque regularly to avoid tooth decay.

  • A balanced diet is a dental health essential. Avoid food with sugars and reduce alcohol and tobacco consumption to stop acid attacks at your teeth. Enrich your meals with calcium to decrease the chances of developing gum disease and jaw deterioration.

  • Visit a dental office regularly for teeth cleaning and have check-ups every half a year for early oral problem detection.

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Cosmetic dentistry is another step to perfection, offering teeth whitening or gum depigmentation for your improved self-confidence. Life is better with a healthy smile – just care about your oral health!

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