Precautionary Measures for Iron Deficiency Anemia in Kids

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As our lives are moving at a fast pace, we prefer to go the easy way and end up choosing some fast food options. But we forget that fast cooked meals miss on a lot of healthy components. Imagine this time constraint scenario being performed daily! How adversely it will affect the next generation? 

As kids today prefer to consume more junk food, they lack on consuming major nutrients daily. This unhealthy habit is also one of the major reasons for increasing nutritional deficiency worldwide. Iron deficiency is also a condition or a form of deficiency which is prevalent these days. It does not only affect adults but also severely harms children. 

Especially observed in pregnant women or lactating mothers, if the iron is not consumed in an adequate amount it may cause iron deficiency in the child. It has been observed that 70% of 6-23 months-old children are found anemic for different reasons. 

Are you worried about iron deficiency in your child? Before jumping towards the supplements for iron deficiency, you must first understand why iron is necessary for your child and signs to detect iron deficiency in your little ones.

Why Iron Is Essential for Children?

The most important function of iron is to deliver blood to the whole body with the help of red blood cells. It plays a key role in distributing oxygen in the body, helping muscles to restore and utilize oxygen for better functioning. 

A lack of iron causes iron deficiency anemia which affects children’s learning capabilities and behavioral changes. Moreover, the growth and development of the child are also influenced by iron deficiency in them. In simple words, if the child does not have an adequate amount of iron in the blood, it will directly affect their mental and physical growth. 

Symptoms of Iron Deficiency in Children

  • Weakness and tiredness;
  • Issue of pale skin around nails, hands, and eyelids;
  • Low appetite;
  • Dizziness;
  • Irritability;
  • A weakness of maintaining focus;
  • Behavioral problems;
  • Rapid heartbeat;
  • Infections;
  • An unusual craving for ice, dirt, paint or starch.

Prevention of Iron Deficiency for Kids

If you want to combat your child’s iron-deficiency, here are some of the best possible ways to do so. It is very important to take the prevention of iron-deficiency before the situation gets out of hand.

Consumption of Wholefoods

Make your child consume whole food sources rather than fortified foods. The food which must be included in your child’s diet is leafy green veggies, sprouted beans, nuts, tempeh, and seeds. These foods are considered as rich sources of iron. If your child is not chewing food properly, you can also blend the food to make it easy for them to consume it. 

If you have already been serving this food in your child’s diet and still not finding any recovery, it means the child requires more iron in their diet.

On the other hand, whole foods have a natural inhibitor known as anti-nutrients which prevents minerals and vitamins from getting absorbed by humans. And this is the main reason why they are only partially effective in beating the iron-deficiency anemia in children. 

Eating Fruits Which are Rich in Vitamin C

The fruits which are easily available like organs, bananas, strawberries, cantaloupe have a huge amount of vitamin C, so it undoubtedly helps in reducing iron deficiency. If you are not consuming vitamin C, you will likely see less increase in your hemoglobin levels.

Fruits which are a direct source of iron such as apples, pomegranates must absolutely be consumed by your child once in a day. If your children like currants and mulberries, these fruits are also rich in iron to help your children through iron-deficiency.

Changing Eating Habits of the kids

Children these days are moody. Some days they ask for food while other days they cry for not having food. In such a scenario it becomes important for the parents to regulate their eating habits. Children love fries but make sure they don’t make it a habit of consuming fried foods. Especially when your child has iron-deficiency they must consume foods that are rich in iron. Make your child eat healthy food which has all the necessary vitamins and minerals. 

Try to change the menu every week so your child gets wholesome food which is important for their growth. Try to make new recipes that can make your kid’s meal interesting. Also, make sure that once a week, you make a recipe of your little one’s choice, so they really enjoy the meal and get habitual in eating healthy.

Consulting Pediatric Doctor

When you think iron-rich foods are not impacting your child’s iron-deficiency, the next step you can take is consulting the best pediatric doctor of your city. The doctor will take blood-test, especially to check hemoglobin and ferritin. They will give some iron-supplements in tablet or powder form. After the screening results, the doctor might suggest some daily multivitamin or oral iron supplement. Iron-deficiency risk may also affect the children between the ages of 9 months to 12 months. The doctor may also prepare the diet chart for improving the lack of iron in the child’s body.

Consumption of Iron-supplements

It is very difficult to find iron-supplements especially when there are lots of products in the market. Also, there are no regulations in the medical industry pertaining to vitamins and minerals supplements. In such a condition, it becomes necessary for the parents to choose appropriate iron-supplement for their kids. We have done deep research in the area of iron supplements. Let’s get benefitted from it.

Comprehensive Information on Iron Supplements

As day-by-day, the quality of the food is declining, it lacks all the essential components which are necessary for the body. The same thing applies for iron, the kids and adults are not getting proper iron in the food and that is the reason they are requiring additional iron sources. 

You might not know this, iron-supplement contains man-made isolated nutrients that cannot be absorbed by our body. These so-called natural vitamins supplements that are formed by using harmful chemicals with added flavors which are again harmful to kids. After the damage is done on the quality of the iron-supplements, some pharma companies are adding artificial flavors which can cause more harm to the children.

There are very few pharma companies that are selling the product having an adequate amount of iron, usually, they have a bad taste that children won’t easily consume. So, to protect your family from this difficulty, you must choose the safest supplements for your family. 

Iron supplementation is a very effective means of correcting an iron deficiency in children. Kids Iron Supplements with traditional iron tablets or liquids may cause side effects or taste unpleasant. In a study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, 86.7% of the doctors reported that unpleasant taste is a major cause for children not to have the supplement. However, a powdered iron supplement such as FeraMAX Powder provides a better tasting option than traditional liquid iron.

Also, see whether nutrients are extracted from food if not try some of the other brands offering iron supplements. Also, there are many companies that will claim that they are making a plant-based product. But keep one thing in mind, claiming is different than providing the actual product.

When you see chemical names like ferrous gluconate and S cerevisiae, this means the ingredients are not organic. Moreover, ferrous gluconate has a black dye that is used to color olives. The absorption of this ingredient is roughly 11 percent which also has various side effects like vomiting, constipation, nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite and black stool. Learn more on how to prevent diarrhea in kids if you want to prevent it.

  1. Cerevisiae is a strain of yeast which does not possess rich nutrients, so it is not considered a great supplement. These nutrients are synthetically isolated.

There are also many duplicate products that do not have an adequate amount of iron in it, so it is better to buy supplements recommended by a doctor or pharmacist.

The Final Interpretation of Iron Deficiency Anemia In kids

Kids’ relationship with food is very special as they are the ones who completely enjoy eating their favorite food.

We have provided a complete guide for children to vanish iron-deficiency which will help them in building a healthy future, without depending upon consuming tablets.

If you have provided iron-rich foods to your children, and even after that there is an iron-deficiency then try giving them some iron supplements.

It is never too late! Try to search more about this condition and provide home-cooked to your kids’ as that would help them in battling both physical and mental pain, which is because of iron-deficiency anemia.

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