Does Exercise Really Make You Happy?

Does Exercise Really Make You Happy?


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When you’re at the gym, and you see those other sweaty members looking completely miserable as they work out, you might wonder why on earth they do it. And what about all those exercise classes you’ve missed because you’re really not in the mood for it? If you feel like exercise is mundane, a chore, and simply not worth the bother, chances are you’re not very happy about it at all. So why does everyone say that exercise makes you happy?

Pain relief makes you happy

We all know that Injury from workouts can happen if you’re not careful. Did you know that exercise can provide pain relief though? If you head to your local physio’s office, you’ll find that the most common type of treatment offered and recommended is exercise. There are exercises for arm injuries, neck injuries, and back injuries. The idea is to keep mobile, improve the muscle tone to support the skeleton, and offer faster repair to the damage. Have a look at websites like for some ideas. So yes, exercise can provide pain relief. And any relief from pain is sure to make you feel happier!

Feeling more energetic makes you happy

Feeling sluggish can make you miserable. It seems to suck the life force out of you, cloud your focus, and drain you of any will to get up and do anything. Exercise improves your metabolism. This means that even with a less than perfect diet, your body will make better use of the nutrition you put in and offer you more energy. You’ll get that bounce back in your step, and feel enough zing to get up and do your thing! You can find lots of different workouts and exercises online from places like Exercise equals more energy, and that’s got to make you feel happy.

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Getting better quality sleep makes you happy

Exercise aids digestion, helps with healthy metabolism, and makes you feel relaxed enough to sleep deeply. Better quality sleep clears your minds, heals the body, regenerates you and improves your mood. If you’ve been struggling to fall or stay asleep lately, consider daily exercise for about 30 minutes – just enough to work up a little sweat. When you sleep well, you’ll feel much happier.

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This pic is from Pexels

Releasing the endorphins makes you happy

All the fitness gurus go on and on about endorphins making you happy. So how can you make sure you’re getting them when you exercise? It could take at least ten minutes of heart pumping exercise, and maybe as many as thirty minutes for the release of endorphins. Each person is different, and it can vary from day to day. Make sure you mix up the activities you do each time to avoid boredom and quitting too early. The benefits of the endorphin release are the pain relief, the relaxation, and the happiness it can bring.

Being around other people makes you happy

Humans are naturally social creatures. Being around other people does help to promote happiness and well-being. Why not focus your exercise on group classes and activities? Get your family involved or find a workout buddy among your colleagues. Enjoy exercising.


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