#hefitness trying to stay shredded during a bulk. #heandshefitness #fitnesspro #fitnessmotivation

on Instagram: http://ift.tt/1Y7L6WD #hefitness trying to stay shredded during a bulk. #heandshefitness #fitnesspro #fitnessmotivation
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READ  This is basically @heandshefitness whenever our families and friends ask us what we are doing on the weekend, if we want to grab food, or if we want to grab drinks...like, um, "nah, I think we will just stay in...sorry." Them: "lame! You guys are old!" Us thinking to ourselves: (YES! let's run, lift weights, and pig out on cheat food!) hahaha. Sad? No. True! There is nothing like spending time with your partner in a matter that is productive, life-lengthening, and goal-oriented. So what does @heandshefitness do for fun? The same thing we do for work! Run, lift, and EAT! Happy weekend to all! #fitnesscouplesfun #fitnesshumor #fitnessfunnies #squatforfun #runforfun

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