Muscular is the new skinny! Ladies, you can lift weights and build muscle without worrying about becoming “bulky” or “big”. Did you know that the testosterone to estrogen ratio is greatly reduced in women as compared to men. That is why that unless you are using synthetic enhancement (STEROIDS), it is highly unlikely that lifting heavy weights will add bulk and make you look “manly”. Instead, you will add slabs of lean muscular tissue and become not only more athletic, but also acquire great shape and definition. Now, tell me how that is NOT desirable. Speak now or forever hold your peace!

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READ  #Eatsleeprepeat - anyone else in the mood to shut off distractions and simply get the work done this week? There is not a whole lot to say about success moving forward other than taking one day one step at a time and getting it done piece by piece. Sometimes there's less talking and far more action. Shut up and go get it this week. #shutupandlift #justdoit #heandshefitness #fitnesstruth #fitnessquotes #fitnessmotivation

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