Myths About Yoga

Myths About Yoga Yoga has become exceptionally popular over the past decade or so. However, with popularity comes attention, and there is a lot of misinformation online about yoga. Luckily, this post aims to separate the facts from the fiction. Read on to discover some of the most common myths about yoga that you should stop believing. […]

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Yoga

Five Things You Didn't Know About Yoga

Image by Pixabay If you are wondering whether yoga really has the health benefits many people claim, and if it can help you improve your digestion and energy level, you might want to learn more about the history of the exercise and the traditions, philosophy associated with it. Below you can read some unknown facts […]

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9 Yoga Asanas to Increase Your Memory Power

Young healthy attractive woman practicing yoga on the beach Nusa Dua, tropical Bali island, Indonesia. Free space for text.

As our body progresses through the different levels of human development, it also includes some ailments that has accumulated throughout the years. Talking about experience, these minor complaints from day to day maladies is part of the package of being human. Maintaining our physique is not as easy as a walk in the park. It […]

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Benefits of yoga in a nut shell

yoga benefits and people in classes

A strong along with a flexible human body, good health, a glowing complexion are some of the major benefits which you might look up in terms of yoga. But a lot of people are of the opinion that it is only limited to asana. So, it is assumed that the benefits of it are assumed […]

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