Tailor Made Weightloss

weight loss foods cut up and proportioned

Image Source Weight loss is a hard thing to get right. There’s so much conflicting information about how you should do it. In truth, the best way to lose weight is to stop listening to the majority of advice out there. We’re all different, so there is no one size fits all solution. The best […]

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From Angioplasty To Healthier Ways

Angioplasty girls jumping in air forming heart

“Your heart has been mended, but it’s not like before.” About 45 million people in India suffer from coronary artery disease each year, most of them in the age bracket of early forties to late seventies. Tiny blood vessels supplying the heart and providing it with nutrition either thicken or get clogged up with clots […]

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A No-Nonsense Guide to Losing Weight

Losing Weight woman stretching in outdoor field

  Pexels.com Feeling overweight? Need to shed a few pounds? Are your dresses and shirts no longer fitting? Having a tough time with exercise? Fear not! There’s a magical solution just waiting for you! Simply buy this shady looking pill and take it once a day and you’ll see instantly weight loss—no exercise or dieting […]

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Belly, Be Gone!

belly measuring waist line

Pixabay One of the most awkward places on our body to lose weight is from our stomach area. Fat gathers he in no time at all and, along with feelings of bloatedness, it can leave you feeling less than trim indeed! And once all that fat gathers on our tummy, it can often feel like […]

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How And When A Chiropractor Can Help You

Chiropractor office massage chair

Although visiting a chiropractor used to be considered a pretty “alternative” choice, chiropractic treatment has more benefits for your health than you might imagine. Over the years, it has proven itself to be quite efficient as a non-invasive solution for numerous health issues. Professional chiropractors are experts when it comes to joints, muscles and more […]

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