Kick Your Bad Habits To The Curb

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We all have our vices or habits. Some can be good for us, and some can be bad for us. Buy bad habits really can affect our life. When we have a habit that involves an addiction, for instance, it can prevent you from getting on with things in your life. It can stop you achieving the goals that you set for yourself, and can also affect your health. You want to be able to choose, and not be a slave to your bad habit, right?

With all of this said, we know how hard it can be to kick a bad habit. But it is possible. Here are some suggestions of how to help, so that you can start achieving your goals and being the healthiest version of yourself you can be.

Look For Triggers

Some of our bad habits have triggers. It could be that you overeat or eat sugar when you are stressed or otherwise emotional. If you can identify why you do something, then it becomes easier to deal with. If you know you’re an emotional eater, then you need to put something in your way before you reach for the food in a stressful situation. The same can go for smoking or drinking. You might only reach for a cigarette when you’re feeling down. If you feel yourself wanting one, then start to do something else to help improve your mood.

Look For Alternatives

If you have an addiction for your bad habit, then looking for an alternative to it can be one of the best ways of breaking it. If you smoke, then it might be worth looking into concentrate vapes as a healthier way to kick the habit. If you are addicted to chocolate, then you could make your own raw and sugar-free chocolate. You’ll get the feeling that chocolate gives you, but it will be natural and free from the thing that is causing the addiction; refined sugar. There are plenty of alternatives for the addictions that you might face. It can be hard to start with, as they’re not always going to be a good direct comparison. But in the long-term, they will be much better for you.

Look For a Buddy

There is strength in numbers when it comes to quitting a bad habit. So look for a buddy to help you through. In some programs, you have a sponsor. In your case, it might just be that you need someone to be accountable to, like a partner or friend. It makes it easier to quit a bad habit when you have your very own cheerleader!

Set Small Goals

Rome wasn’t built in a day! Things that are going to make big changes will take time. So although it might be your end goal to run a marathon, you’re not going to get there without setting small goals. The first goal might be to run a 5 or 10k. From there it might be to cut down to 2 cigarettes a day, and from there down to one and then down to none. You’ll get there in the end.

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